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LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) also known as acid  , is a potent, long-lasting Psychedelics drug. It takes about 15-20 minutes for a user to start hallucinating ,this experience is known as a trip . World Wide Trippy Psyche has been synthesizing LSD for over a decade now and we have experts working in our laboratories producing the best acid gel tabs , and  LSD tabs blotter paper for sale . Though often abused by many users , LSD helps in curing chronic depression , anxiety and severe pains . Patients who have used our LSD tabs , and acid gel tabs have reported increase in creativity and productivity . We at World Wide Trippy Psyche believe that to make a medication that suits everyone needs perfection and determination and this is what we have achieved in our 10 years of production of LSD tabs .  You only need 2 tabs of our LSD to have a good and amazing trip . You can easily control all your trips with our doses . We are here to guide you in drug abuse prevention , drug administration and control . Please always contact us for any assistance you need with regards of how you should responsibly use our LSD tabs . We are always available by email , live chat and phone to immediately respond to all your worries . We also welcome any feedback you may have as a result of using our products . At  World Wide Trippy Psyche we are always consistently improving the  quality and  effectiveness of our LSD tabs and other medications.

What you need to know before you buy LSD Gel Tabs online

World Wide Trippy Psyche produces LSD tabs with varying amounts dosage known  as UG . Our LSD tabs vary from (100-600) ug . The power of this Acid typically depends on the tolerant level of the user . Veteran users go for a higher ug of 300-600ug to maintain a good trip. Visit our shop to get the right dosage for you . You can as well write to our live chat support so they can help you get the right dosage for your age and health needs , We are always live to support you . Have any reaction due to the usage of our LSD tabs please write to us at and we shall respond immediately we get your email.

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Is acid gel tabs , LSD sheets , or liquid acid more effective ?

We have 3 major different forms of distributing acid to customers. Most customers want their acid in Liquid form , gel tabs , or sheets(blotter paper) .

Our liquid acid is mostly bought by wholesalers who want to make their own LSD gel tabs or LSD sheets . The strength of our acid is dependent only on the UG number . The higher the number the stronger it is . gel tabs and acid sheets are all derived from our liquid LSD .  LSD sheets is blotter paper dipped in liquid acid .

After you take our acid , you start tripping in less than 25 minutes and this can last for about 3-5 hours .  It is all good when it is done . by the 9th hour  , you feel relived , relaxed and more creative than before . LSD sheets are typically used as a party drug by many teenagers and adults . But according to a CNN study and many more research that has been done , Acid can help in treating chronic depression and mental disorders which was not known till now . IF you you need help in deciding which of our acid is good for you please contact us by email or using the live chat . Our support staff will respond to you immediately .

Our Mission

To ensure that all people have access to high-quality medical care at all times through innovative technologies at affordable cost. We aim to ensure the availability of the best healthcare and pharmaceutical products in a highly customer-oriented environment and ensure that we reach out to as many lives as possible for better health and wellness. We want to provide quality pharmaceutical care in a situation where a great deal of misinformation is prevalent among patients who are unable to take the right decisions about the medicines that suit their health as well as their budget.

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DMT drug for sale

DMT(Dimethyltryptamine) is not a popular psychedelics as Acid but is definitely not less powerful .It produces effects similar to LSD and magic mushrooms combined .

It goes by many names some of which include:

  • spirit molecule
  • fantasia
  • businessman’s trip

DMT goes by many other names but the above names are the most common ones used by consumers .


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Quality generic drugs & Psychedelics

We sell high quality generic drugs  and psychedelics such as LSD tabs , golden teacher mushrooms, and dmt drug which are cost effective to those customers looking to save money. Our generic drugs have the same safety and quality standards to the original brand drugs. We also provide generic drugs of an equivalent dosage and strength to the brand drugs. You can be guaranteed of genuine products when you order at .

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